1. Process information quickly

With an experienced team in advertising, our customers’ requests will be managed accurately and quickly. We will meet all the requirements given by customers and avoid misinformation as well as lack of information.

  1. Contract signing

After both parties have reached an agreement and agreed on the booths and terms, the contract will be signed. The contract will mention all the issues clearly and precisely.

  1. Outstanding design is the difference

To be able to compete with competitors in the exhibition and attract visitors, your booth must stand out. The highlight here is to leave an impression that people can’t take their eyes off. Be it size, new style, outstanding color… That’s the job of the Designer.

  1. Quick construction

A successful booth is not just beautiful on the drawing board. The most important is still the construction. Customers don’t look at drawings, they look at what’s set up in front of them. It takes a team of professional and experienced workers in the field of new booths to ensure aesthetics, technique, and time.

  1. Handover & acceptance of booths

During the working process, customers are still regularly informed about the progress of the construction process. Thereby, you can track whether your booth construction is late or not. However, the acceptance and handover step will see the quality of the final booth.