With experience in organizing large conferences and seminars with famous enterprises, HADIFA would like to share the organization process to ensure a successful event and gain great effect:

1. Before the event
The preparation before the event will need to do the following things:

  • Identify the main theme of the event
    Determining the event theme is very important because it determines the direction of the plan. However, the theme of the event is dominated by the content, the purpose, and the scale of the event combined with regional culture. Therefore, to come up with a suitable topic, event organizers must find out specifically the opinions of customers and related factors.
  • Make the overall event plan
    The event organization process cannot be complete without the scripting. These are the contents that will take place during the event. The script will be decisive to the success of an event. Therefore, investing in a creative quality script is extremely important.

– Goals

– Time

– Estimated budget

– Guestlist

– Program

  • Detailed preparation for conferences and seminars
    Setup conference space and ensure adequate equipment. Setup accompanying services such as tea break, meals, rest, transportation. Communication for the event, Documents, invitations to guests

2. During the event

  • Follow the plan
    From the task assignment table that has been announced, the departments will follow the assigned work to carry out the work. All organized activities will be carried out according to the plan under the close supervision of the event management board. During the working process, if there are any arising or incidents, the management board must have a timely solution so as not to affect the work of the whole team.
  • Event organization
    This is the heart of an event process, all the preparations, planning, etc., all the efforts of so many people are in the organization of the event.

How to organize an event will take place in sequence and have a specific assignment arrangement for each item, include:

+ Welcome guests and open the event

+ Organize and manage the event programs according to the available scenarios

+ Provide catering (if any)

+ Carry out co-located events

+ Organize accommodation and transportation during the event if required…

During the event, it is indispensable for the logistics team, the department in charge of the sound, the event lighting, etc. All activities will be operated, monitored, and managed by the organizer. closely to bring success to the event to satisfy customers and guests.

3. After the event
How to organize a professional event will continue after the event, such as

  • Clearing up furniture, equipment to return space
    After the event, when the guests have left, at this time the organizing team will have to clean up all the furniture, tools, and equipment used for the gathering event. The cleaning staff will clean the waste and return it to space as the same as before the event.

This will also be the time to settle the contract between the two parties. If the customer is satisfied with the event, then the event organizer fee according to the signed contract will be paid. The costs incurred will also be aggregated and settled once. Photos and videos of the event will be sent back to customers to save documents.

  • Evaluation
    The event team will have a meeting right after the event ends to re-evaluate all the work just organized at the event. Through this, we will summarize which part has been successfully done, which part is still lacking to build a more professional process of organizing events.

HADIFA JSC with the experience of successfully organizing many events is confident to provide our customers the most professional event organization process.